dea Lesson No.1: March 2006

Wednesday, March 29


First off, we must give you the benefit of our 'Hot Off The Wires' inside contacts and tell you that this show is the only south-west of Britain date for miles around (Birmingham's the next closest) for the Some Girls tour. They were due to play in Bristol a few days after, but are now hitting up the Forum in London in support to their pals the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. So! Don't say we never tell you anything.

Saturday April 15, then. This is gonna be a blast. 'Heaven's Pregnant Teens', the second album by US hardcore supergroup Some Girls, is one of our number's favourite LP of 2006 so far. It consists chiefly of raging jolts of angular hardcore coming in at around the 90-second mark, plus a really long, slow, grisly track at the end. The band are more often than not referred to in terms of their previous or current bands, which include The Locust, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Give Up The Ghost (nee American Nightmare), Unbroken, Swing Kids, Over My Dead Body and more that I can't be fucked listing, much as I enjoy writing lists. If you listen hard enough, you may detect chunks of any or all of these bands in Some Girls' music, and if you don't, it should not detract from their kickassness. Plus their website, on which you can listen to choons, is called Bawdy!

A supporting cast of splendour includes Malkovich, who hail from Holland and whose records can be found on the Coalition and Reflections labels. Their social background and sonic foundation in hardcore, they nevertheless bring a rock'n'roll party to the party that has caused some to suggest a cross between Converge, Refused and Guns N'Roses. The mind, if nothing else, boggles. Andtheywillriot! played Lesson No.1's Hella show back in December and were deeply tidy; still awaiting a debut release proper, although it should be soon, we assume they still sound like the camp blitz of Blood Brothers in a jam with the atmospheric tinkling of Mogwai and their peers. Finally, from Brecon come Captain Insano, who put the "youth" in "youth crew" - well strictly speaking that was done years ago, but you have to love the way these dudes get all worked up about late '80s bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Turning Point, who formed before some of them were even born, and make a damn fine fist of replicating their righteous energy.

Wednesday, March 22



Wherein Lesson No.1 and South Wales Massive join forces for the first time, and Clwb Ifor Bach prepares to shake like a skyscraper struck by a wrecking ball under the combined onslaught of two of the heaviest bands of modern times. Formed from the ashes of Electric Wizard, UK’s Ramesses play warlike, freeform ultra-stoner/doom with a dark melodic heart beating within its blackened chest. To date, they have recorded one CD, ‘We Will Lead You To Glorious Times’, out now on Devil Doll. “… Glorious Times isn’t doom-rock as a gateway to the infinite,” decided Terrorizer, “It’s a full-on tightening of the screw.”

Sourvein, meanwhile, hail from the waterlogged Dirty South stronghold of New Orleans. Formed in 1992 under the influence of Black Flag, The Melvins, and Millions Of Dead Cops, Sourvein have since slowed their sound down to a tar-thick stoner sludge, albeit without losing T-Roy Medlin’s larynx-shredding, extreme metal vocal style. The band released a record, ‘Will To Mangle’, on Southern Lord back in 2002, and followed it up with the thunderous Emerald Vulture last year. Support on the night comes from Dignity Dies First and Twist The Knife, with JayX of South Wales Massive rocking the middle floor with all manner of punk/hardcore tunes. Say it: DOOOOOOOM

Tuesday, March 7


This is what it’s all about. Wandering through acres of incomprehensible or plain boring posts on obscure music forums, seeing one asking for tour dates for two bands you’ve never heard of, firing a few tracks into your ears, getting your musical horn on, booking a date. The process sounds dull, and I suppose it is, but it feels kind of lovely.

Let’s tell you a bit about the two touring bands, Eniac and Amtrak. Eniac are from Hamburg; who knows, when Hank from Turbonegro told our friend JWR it was his favourite German city, maybe he was thinking of this band. They certainly rock sufficiently, for anyone who likes the serrated and sweaty thug fug of Les Savy Fav, The Jesus Lizard, Drive Like Jehu or Milemarker. The substance precluses the style. Their most recent album ‘Oh?’ is out on X-Mist Records (Wrangler Brutes, The Seconds, Men‘s Recovery Project etc).

Amtrak are also from Hamburg. They sound like a class act, what with them deadpan German vox and ‘lectro-retro production values and the like. You might be reminded of early 80s Teutonic ladies Malaria!, if you are us (Amtrak mentioned them before we did, along with a load of other bands we‘ve frankly never heard of). If Brainiac, Electrelane and Glass Candy go here those names might pique a bit of interest on their own right? Amtrak rock, for real, and they embody the DIY spirit as much as anyone else you care to mention. Go on.

In support tonight we have our pals Panel, for the first time in almost a year - since when a great mini-ish album ‘Command Box Street Scenario’ has been released on Cascade Records. They have also got better and better as a live band. Helmet’s crispy crunch, Quicksand’s bloodied emotion, and more - make sure you see them. Finally we have the mysterious-to-most Lt Meat, a Newport resident called Dave who was in Four Letter Word among other bands. Striking out on his own with a laptop and a surf guitar, Lt Meat will be retro yet electro, digital yet tubular. And gnarly. If that still means good, I forget. Man… Or Astroman? and Messer Chups are just two comparisons offered, anyway. And this is a Le Pub Saturday night so it’s all FREE! Cracker.

Wednesday, March 1


Words on this beauty coming soon, but until then go here and here