dea Lesson No.1: YES COME AUN

Saturday, September 28


It’s ya boy Lesson No.1, back from taking a break from putting on gigs since May to do one more slightly hastily-arranged show, then probably taking another long break that could last any length of time up to ‘forever’. ALRIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!

If you wanted to come and bug out at this one, though, I’d be really grateful and so would these guys. Playing one of ONLY TWO UK DATES, AUN are tonight’s headliners: moving and blissful drone-rock from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, North America, America, Earth. AUN (they use all caps, don’t feel pressured to do so) are a duo who, since 2007, have released music, quite a lot of it, on labels including IMPORTANT, ALIEN8, CONSPIRACY and DENOVALI. If you’re a fan of the furthest-out 90s shoegaze types (MBV or Slowdive), spacerock of the type Kranky Records specialised in during the 90s, old German synth dudes from the Krautrock era or not quite as old German ‘pop ambient’ dudes like Wolfgang Voigt, you will sink into this like a deep bath.

THE COSMIC NOD will be playing only their third show here, but their first two went down a treat. They scratch an itch that has for too long been untreated in south Wales, the need for a band who make heavy (not metallic) freeform psych-rock jamming along the lines of Comets On Fire, Earthless (who their name references), Hawkwind and the like. The hyperlink takes you to a Soundcloud page with a recording of a practise jam; you can also watch a video of one of their gigs if y’like.

TO THE LOVERS, FAREWELL is the primary musical alter ego of a gentleman called Kristian who lives up Merthyr way and runs a noise cassette label called Red Venice Records. Both TTL,F and his label have unleashed some truly vicious harsh sonics over the years (hear for yourself at the link above IF YOU DARE) but he also has a taste for trigonometric beats, trippy chillwave, weird synth tones and unsettling ambience. For this live electronic solo set, some or all of these things will crop up. First ever Lesson No.1 show for this dude. Also he is pretty keen to try and get a tangible noise scene going in this part of the world, so, er, show him that it’s possible I guess!

Finally, we have the nocturnal thud of SVNTREADER, in which Darren Kaskie, singer and guitarist in Lesson No.1 regulars THE DEATH OF HER MONEY, wheels out his solo project for a rare showing. “Leans towards the dark droning industrial vibes with a nod towards elements of witch house with minimal but psychedelic synth sounds,” is what he wrote before he played earlier in the year, and if memory served it lived up to that. Big doomy bass for sure. The latest instalment of the ‘Dragon Era’ Welsh electronic compilations has one of his on it: here it is (listen to the other tracks on the comp while you’re there by all means!).

This is at The Moon Club on Womanby Street and is a fiver on the door, which is some nonsense for four bands one of whom come from Que-bastard-bec. Nonsense that goes to serve YOU.


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