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Wednesday, March 29


First off, we must give you the benefit of our 'Hot Off The Wires' inside contacts and tell you that this show is the only south-west of Britain date for miles around (Birmingham's the next closest) for the Some Girls tour. They were due to play in Bristol a few days after, but are now hitting up the Forum in London in support to their pals the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. So! Don't say we never tell you anything.

Saturday April 15, then. This is gonna be a blast. 'Heaven's Pregnant Teens', the second album by US hardcore supergroup Some Girls, is one of our number's favourite LP of 2006 so far. It consists chiefly of raging jolts of angular hardcore coming in at around the 90-second mark, plus a really long, slow, grisly track at the end. The band are more often than not referred to in terms of their previous or current bands, which include The Locust, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Give Up The Ghost (nee American Nightmare), Unbroken, Swing Kids, Over My Dead Body and more that I can't be fucked listing, much as I enjoy writing lists. If you listen hard enough, you may detect chunks of any or all of these bands in Some Girls' music, and if you don't, it should not detract from their kickassness. Plus their website, on which you can listen to choons, is called Bawdy!

A supporting cast of splendour includes Malkovich, who hail from Holland and whose records can be found on the Coalition and Reflections labels. Their social background and sonic foundation in hardcore, they nevertheless bring a rock'n'roll party to the party that has caused some to suggest a cross between Converge, Refused and Guns N'Roses. The mind, if nothing else, boggles. Andtheywillriot! played Lesson No.1's Hella show back in December and were deeply tidy; still awaiting a debut release proper, although it should be soon, we assume they still sound like the camp blitz of Blood Brothers in a jam with the atmospheric tinkling of Mogwai and their peers. Finally, from Brecon come Captain Insano, who put the "youth" in "youth crew" - well strictly speaking that was done years ago, but you have to love the way these dudes get all worked up about late '80s bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Turning Point, who formed before some of them were even born, and make a damn fine fist of replicating their righteous energy.


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