dea Lesson No.1: February 2006

Monday, February 27


Lightning Bolt are coming to Cardiff!

Lightning Bolt are kinda sorta why Lesson No.1 exists in the first place. Back some years ago one of us picked up their head-banging, speaker-climbing, let's-play-in-this-kitchen tour DVD Power Of Salad And Milkshake and before long it had been passed through more sweaty, expectant hands than a porn mag at all-boys secondary school. Two dudes called Brian, one dressed like a day-glo samurai bashing chunks out of a tinpot drum-kit, the other nonchalently strumming continent-crushing swells of sound from his customised bass, they were, earnestly, a revelation: a band that oozed unfashionable positivity, wielded their fantasy nerdishness like a +4 warhammer, and rocked with a dervish energy sufficent to shake a 'Woah!' from the most hopelessly jaded. The first band we put on wasn't Lightning Bolt, but their labelmates USA IS A MONSTER back in 2004, but things have rolled along pretty nicely since and here's the pay-off. The show, in collaboration with our friends Forecast, takes place at Cardiff's The Point on May 2nd, will cost £7.50, and should be stuffed with enough tasty supports that it'll almost feel like we're paying you. Available soon from Spillers and The Dudes Abode, and we suggest you get in quick on this one, because tickets are liable to scoot pretty quick.

Wednesday, February 22


Whitehouse, Clwb Ifor Bach, Sunday February 19th