dea Lesson No.1: May 2005

Sunday, May 29


Hail DJ Scotch Egg! The Whitehouse of lo-cost service station confectionery, the Merzbow of no-fi digital Gameboy noise, young Shiaz 2000 was the breadcrumb-rolled apéritif before the main feast of Monsters Of Mash-Up. He's recording an album for Load Records, apparently - the sort of news that makes you feel that ultimately, despite all the awful things that happen, everything is kind of right with the world.

Incidentally, Thursday saw us field more enquiries of "What the fuck is this music?" than any other Lesson No.1 show to date - something we regard as something of a badge of pride. Thanks to Shitmat, Enduser and Bong-Ra, DJs Blammo, Beef Curtains and Maxx Rammage, and everyone else who came out. What next? Ah yes, a night of gut-shaking avant hip-hop courtesy of:

Find out more over at Ipecac...

Wednesday, May 25


Lesson No.1's May-long Mu-fest draws to a close tonight with the appearance of Shitmat, Bong-Ra, Enduser, and the mighty DJ Scotch Egg (last seen assaulting people with his trademarked ovoid confectionery in the Barfly at the Go! Team show a couple of months back - yeah, that guy).

Earlier dates on the continent-spanning Monsters Of Mash-Up tour have seen crammed moshpits, crowd-surfing, and displays of public nakedness, but we can't promise this - it's up to you good folk to bring it. Downstairs at Clwb Ifor Bach is the venue. £6 is the very reasonable admission. 9pm is kick-off time. The bill is propped up by DJs Blammo, Maxx Rammage, and Beef Curtains.

And if this doesn't persuade you, nothing will.

Friday, May 20


Venetian Snares, Thursday May 19th, Clwb Ifor Bach

Wednesday, May 18


Hectic and troubling scenes scenes in Lesson No.1 world... hot on the heels of the Venetian Snares venue change (now in Clwb! Tomorrow!), it appears the Monsters Of Mash-Up show (represented above by the princely figure of DJ Scotch Egg) hangs in the balance. The Toucan Club have succeeded in double-booking May 26th, and according to the venue website, The Pockets - who, attractively, boast "their own blend of Soulful Hippy vibes" - won out on the old coin toss. Fine. For a while it looked like we might have to pull the show, but there's a good chance we'll be able to reschedule to a newly freed-up Clwb. More on that when we have a 24-carat gold confirmation.

EDIT: Confirmed! Monsters Of Mash-Up will now take place downstairs at Clwb Ifor Bach on Thursday May 26th. Doors 9pm, tickets £6 each. Get in.

On the bright side, we've booked Duracell to play in July. Duracell is the new one-man sensation who's sweeping the nation! You remember that film The Fly, where talented scientist Jeff Goldblum managed to fuse himself with, erm, a fly in an experiment that went horribly, but entertainingly, wrong? Well, if you put Rhode Island space-metal duo Lightning Bolt in one chamber, and a Commodore 64 with a big pile of driving and murdering games in the other chamber and pressed the 'teleport' button you'd probably get something like this. Look out for the video on his website where the tramp takes his clothes off and flops his little man around. It's the bomb.

What else? Well, you should go see anti-folk legend Lach play at the Millers Tavern's In The Pines (update your blog, folks!) this Sunday. And, of course, we've got the mighty improv experiment that is Gary Smith and Shoji Hano next week as well. But right now, we want you to empty your mind and think of Snares. Snares. Snares. See you tomorrow night.

Wednesday, May 11


ALERT! ALERT! New venue announced for Venetian Snares! Clwb Ifor Bach is officially the only venue in Cardiff that can handle this shit. Miss this and you shall regret your foolery for the rest of your days.

The following text was liberated from the website Fail Technologies. Originally printed on March 17th 2005. Thanks to Sheikh

"I hope I do interesting things with jungle", claims a tired Aaron Funk. His current state of fragility belying his appearance: tall, beefy and not too dissimilar to a Nordic viking, Yet his personality gives nothing away as to the music that he is known for.

To most, it can seem incoherent and messy, like a grown man throwing a child-like tantrum. But for those able to capture and process quick enough, it's obvious that it's lovingly slaved over. Each variation of the Amen break morphed, spliced and shredded to within an inch of its playback life has had thought and care applied.

OK, so not everything seems to be consistent in his approach. Sometimes, the super-technicality of it all can get in the way of a good tune. Comments leveled at his material frequently include the words 'cold' and 'detached'. But I find his music is often loaded with emotion and playfulness. It all goes against the grain of his alloted genre: 'breakcore'. Which hints at digital nihilism; just wanton white-boy aggression via sequencing software; throwaway, bereft of meaning and disposable.

The nuggets in his past missives are numerous, but for those still not convinced. I would point them to 'Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett'. His latest and seventh full-length release for Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu label. Many of those already subscribed (and there are plenty, if Mu's sales figures are to be believed) are convinced this is his most audacious release yet. Fusing a classicist european palette with ear-splitting high-velocity acts of free-fall rhythmic vandalism, results in an album of stark contrasts.

Formulaically simple: classical strings used to build up the tension, brutal bursts of breakbeats used as release. Best demonstrated on the astonishing 'Szamar Madar'. I'll leave it to Jon Soul Jazz to have the last word. His portable digital playback device momentarily paused, his body and mind slowly re-aligns....."I can't listen to anything else. I tried, but it all sounds shit."

Tuesday, May 3


Well, Thursday night really has it all, doesn't it? The second biggest - but far sweetest! - nu-UKG face outta East London, Kano, playing his lover's grime up the dirtier end of St Mary's Street. A novelty Welsh rapper who made up a great joke about signing to Interscope (which to be fair, fooled a lot of people, until of course they saw him live) playing the Boobytrap show at Clwb Ifor Bach. UKIP winning a landslide election victory only in their own shiny-jackbooted fantasies. And, of course, Lesson No.1's very own Virus Syndicate. We're going to try to finish up early so we can trundle up the road to see Kano, so if you're planning on reaching, we suggest you arrive by 10pm at the very latest.

What else? Oh yeah.

Something of a detour from May's Mu run, this: planned in partnership with our friends at Fourier Transform, it sees Lesson No.1 dipping a tentative toe into the storm waters of improv. So far, so nerdy: but fear not, for Gary Smith (of blistering UK avant-fiends Aufgehoben) and Shoji Hano (incendiary Japanese improv sticksman, over with his band Kyoaku No Intention to share a bill with Jandek up in Gateshead) make the sort of dervish-like avant-scree that ought to send Lightning Bolt skittering back to the Rhode Island State Circus with their tail between their legs. Support comes from Cardiff's Magrathea and a solo set from affable noisenik Dan Haines, electroFührer of the award-winning machine.records. Verily, what atonality was made for.