dea Lesson No.1: July 2005

Friday, July 29


Not a Lesson No.1 show, but we put them on last year with Cat On Form, and besides, we have a finger in this particular pie. Gruff-voiced hardcore thrills await!

Oh yeah, and we booked Neptune for November. They're DIY. Literally

Friday, July 22


Bit early for us to start promoting this, but the flyer's too good to sit on (thanks Jimbob)

Tuesday, July 19


Shooting At Unarmed Men, Monday July 18th, Cardiff Dempseys

Big sorry to anyone who didn't get in last night, especially if you'd come far - to Lesson No.1's surprise (and admittedly, some delight) we'd reached full capacity not long before the end of Steveless' set and there simply wasn't any letting other bugger in. This proves without a shadow of a doubt that Mondays are the new Saturdays, and we shall be altering our calenders with sticky tape and marker pens imminently.

Didn't get any great photos of Duracell, but if you're quick we suggest you check out this video, where our man Andy is asked to put a sock in it by a passing FASCIST BUREAUCRAT (a role played with aplomb by Lesson No.1's Noel). Hurry, that link won't stay up forever.

Saturday, July 9


An ill-earned break in the Lesson pop concert diary is soon to come to an end, in not much more than a week in fact. We haven’t talked about the greatness of Duracell for a while (see ‘Scotch Egg's Lament’, back in the archives, for excited waxings) so let’s stick that in your eye again. Andrew Diamond (aka Andre Diamant, now he lives in France – that’s pretty reverential to your adopted homeland to just change your name like that. If only the procession of expensive foreign footballers could extend the same courtesy, it could spare the blushes of so many stupid pundits who can’t be bothered trying to pronounce their names) sits in front of a drumkit that’s been modified with triggers and other electronic bits I’m too Luddite to comprehend, and does Lightning Bolt songs in the style of 80s video game music, and 80s video game music in the style of Lightning Bolt. Sort of.

He does many other turns too, like Slayer and Aphex Twin. He’s bringing a pal with him to play some synthy type stuff alongside him as well, so that’ll be yet another angle of creativity. Watch him go crazy at London’s groovy Barden’s Boudoir venue earlier this year (he’s playing there this coming Monday with Wolf Eyes, among others)

We’re still ‘siked’ about the Welsh debut of Shooting At Unarmed Men as a trio, too. Jon Chapple’s McLusky sideproject, as was, played as a duo many years ago. Jon has done his thing solo, supporting Vialka in Newport back in March and wearing a paper body suit, and their recent London show seemed to go pretty tidy. But this is going to be the intimately crushed nuts. Too Pure plan to release some product before the year is out; there's MP3s, but you eager beavers have leeched the servers dry, so curious minds will have to wait.

Also stepping into the breach as a fully-fledged band is Bristol-based Steveless. Now technically, Steveless is a band, not a man, but it was the prolific and frenetic solo output of Dan Newman that piques people’s interest the most, thus Dan and Steveless became inextricable. When John Peel gave shoutouts to the Steveless demos last year – one of the last things he foisted upon his listeners before his passing – people began to holla back. Dan’s primary response was to form about forty new and different bands. One of these Steveless bands features members of other Bristol rock/noise bastards like Big Joan, Team Brick and White Trash Ambition, and it’s this one which’ll be gracing Cardiff. They have a very special cover lined up for us. Let’s just say it’ll be quite a challenge to the ‘status quo’! Yes. Listen to 'Run' o'er here.