Thursday, November 8


When I did a blogpost about winding Lesson No.1 down earlier in the year, I said that most bands I was encountering – ones it would be feasible and not financially ruinous to put on, that is – just weren’t exciting me enough that I felt the burning need for other people to see them. There are always exceptions to this though. One of a very small number of such experiences this year came in August, at the Fat Out Fest in Manchester. The whole setup is great, and I barely disliked anything I saw, but QUEER’D SCIENCE took it to another plane.

Queer’d Science, also from Manc, feature two members of Klaus Kinski, a band birthed in north Wales who are no slouches theyselfs when it comes to gnarled takes on that whole Skingraft Records ‘now wave’ thing. The remaining member of the QS trio is Vendela, a woman from Sweden whose stage presence is like a cross between Madonna and David Yow. I thought I was clever as fuck coming up with that reductive hybrid while watching them, but later I looked at their Facebook and both Madonna and The Jesus Lizard were mentioned under ‘influences’ , so it just looks like I copied that. Anyway, once it was done and I could stop shielding my pint, I said “They have to come and play in Cardiff!” to my friend Alex. Two and a half months later, it has come to pass. Expect OTT rhythmic noise you can dance to, super dense postpunk and vocal gurgles from the stomach’s firey pit Fans of Klaus Kinski themselves, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Ex Models, Arab On Radar and Divorce will be down the front and screaming for vengeance.

ROSEANNE BARRR, a duo from London, were the first band booked for this date, as part of a short UK tour heralding ‘Repulsion’, their debut album (released by Tuff Enuff, which as far as I know is nothing to do with late 90s UK garage DJ Karl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown). They should have LP copies of it with them on Sunday, I think, but you can also listen to it, and stuff from their previous two tapes, on their Bandcamp. I am digging it strongly thus far: it’s equal parts riot grrrl, no wave and noiserock. Huggy Bear and Skinned Teen via Mars and Hospitals? One of the pair also plays in Woolf, who played the show I was ‘blogging about’ at the top there. They were great, and if you like them you’ll etc, but this is more bass-heavy (largely cos they have a bass and no guitar) and... combative? Not sure how loaded a term that is. Whatever, these cats are rare, check them out.

Opening the event will be GREETINGS, who are young fellows (by which I mean younger than the people promoting this gig) based in Cardiff. They have played less than ten gigs so far, I think, but are very watchable. I saw them play about a month ago and they all dressed up in tie-dye mu-mus. Thank god it’s them instead of you, as they say. Musically speaking, they have a nice line in reverb-heavy indierock blissout and ramshackle hollerin’ whch makes me think of YO LA TENGO, DINOSAUR JR and olde tyme Flying Nun Records stuff at various times. They have a new CDR EP which they drew all the covers for (see their Facebook page – it may be gone by the time this show rolls round but you can listen online) and they record podcasts onto cassette before uploading them. That’s how it’s done nowadays, you know that? You can hear both here – the EP is at the bottom.

A fiver on the door for this, FYI. Doors should be about 7.30pm; the curfew is 11 but if we can finish earlier we shall, cos school in the morning and all that milky toast blether. You may not be able to get to sleep after the things you have seen. I don’t promise crotch grabbing, but I hint at it.

Oh yeah, and let’s have a shoutout to Vernon from Science Bastard for the artwork. Pettibon meets Pepperami. I think it’s one of my favourite Lesson No.1 posters ever.


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