dea Lesson No.1: SCOTCH EGG'S LAMENT

Wednesday, May 18


Hectic and troubling scenes scenes in Lesson No.1 world... hot on the heels of the Venetian Snares venue change (now in Clwb! Tomorrow!), it appears the Monsters Of Mash-Up show (represented above by the princely figure of DJ Scotch Egg) hangs in the balance. The Toucan Club have succeeded in double-booking May 26th, and according to the venue website, The Pockets - who, attractively, boast "their own blend of Soulful Hippy vibes" - won out on the old coin toss. Fine. For a while it looked like we might have to pull the show, but there's a good chance we'll be able to reschedule to a newly freed-up Clwb. More on that when we have a 24-carat gold confirmation.

EDIT: Confirmed! Monsters Of Mash-Up will now take place downstairs at Clwb Ifor Bach on Thursday May 26th. Doors 9pm, tickets £6 each. Get in.

On the bright side, we've booked Duracell to play in July. Duracell is the new one-man sensation who's sweeping the nation! You remember that film The Fly, where talented scientist Jeff Goldblum managed to fuse himself with, erm, a fly in an experiment that went horribly, but entertainingly, wrong? Well, if you put Rhode Island space-metal duo Lightning Bolt in one chamber, and a Commodore 64 with a big pile of driving and murdering games in the other chamber and pressed the 'teleport' button you'd probably get something like this. Look out for the video on his website where the tramp takes his clothes off and flops his little man around. It's the bomb.

What else? Well, you should go see anti-folk legend Lach play at the Millers Tavern's In The Pines (update your blog, folks!) this Sunday. And, of course, we've got the mighty improv experiment that is Gary Smith and Shoji Hano next week as well. But right now, we want you to empty your mind and think of Snares. Snares. Snares. See you tomorrow night.


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