dea Lesson No.1: TEEN HEAT

Tuesday, December 12


A quick pre-Christmas post to impart two main pieces of information, presented to you in a handy format even a fool could understand:

1. Almost half the tickets for The Blood Brothers (pictured in fetching get-up ABOVE) next month - Thursday 25 January to be precise - have sold as of yesterday. So hit the link to the right and don't say we didn't warn you in six weeks when you're left in the cold outside Clwb wishing you hadn't been too damn cool to buy a ticket. Okay?

2. Whatever you may have seen in the Buffalo listings, there's no Lesson No.1 pop quiz for December. Although one current and two ex-Lesson types did finish second in the All Tomorrow's Parties pub quiz last weekend, with text message assistance from a fourth Lesson culprit. How terribly indie.

Seasons greetings and all that shite...


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