dea Lesson No.1: DARK POWERS

Wednesday, November 1


Everybody likes a bit of unadulterated noise come Friday night, right? What? You prefer to get plastered on tart fuel alcopops and lose all sense of dignity? Well, join the club, but for one evening only join Lesson No.1 with a litle help from Clwb Ifor Bach's Beneath The Surface night and check out an all-anti-American treat next Friday (November 10th).

Coughs are three boys and three girls from Chicago playing messed-up noise-pop/punk/no wave. Their new album 'Secret Passage' is just out on Load Records, home of Lightning Bolt, USAISAMONSTER, Noxagt et al, but this gives scant clues as to the mania served up by this sinister six. And the closest they're coming to Wales apart from Cardiff is, erm, London. So don't miss out. Check 'Dark Powers' from 'Secret Passage'.

Bringing the scratchier half of supporting local noise are The Physicists, three girls and one boy serving up the finest riot grrrl/skronk rock Cardiff has to offer. Having been frequently seen around town playing shows on punky/grrrly bills, this is the first time we’ve put them on in over 18 months. Since then they’ve released a single on Complete Control and toured Wales with soon-to-be-glue punkers Adequate Seven. Sound and, apparently, vision right on over HERE.

Opening fun comes via The Spines, the debut show from a one-man mystery machine who describes his creation as "Sunn0))) meets Suicide at Budokan". He is called Chris and has done time in some South Wales noise/experimental projects from the turn of the century like Know Point and Botanophobia. So he’s not that mysterious, really. Nowt to listen to yet, but rest assured it'll doubtless include some of the most brilliantly obscure equipment seen since World War One.

So shimmy on down to Clwb Ifor Bach from 8pm and splurge a whole five pounds on starting your weekend in messy style.


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