dea Lesson No.1: FUCK ADDICTS (UPDATED!)

Saturday, October 21


Such is the heaviness of the approaching next Lesson No.1 show that your cup of water/tea/beer/vodka (delete according to toughness) should be making Jurassic Park-level ripples already.

Baroness are a four-piece from Georgia who have released two EPs on the Hyperrealist label, and kicked the ass of stoner/doom/tech-metal/sludge/crust/hardcore types in the process. There’s a bit of all those things in Baroness’ sound, which is weighty as the universe and technical as rocket science. They’re going to blow the windows out of Buffalo. Duck, slowcoach! Hear ‘Rise’ here.

Torche formed from the ashes of cult Floridian sludge-rock bands Floor, Cavity and Tyranny Of Shaw (among others) as a three-piece precision machine that retains elements of those previous bands, while taking them to fresh, different places. Torche’s self-titled debut on the Robotic Empire label (soon to be re-unleashed on Mogwai's Rock Action) has thunderous riffs, angry-sermon-on-the-mount vocals and killer stoner grooves, but exhibits a melody-heavy pop sensibility that pulls the likes of Jane’s Addiction, QOTSA and Therapy? into the swamp. Great band.

Taint were originally added to this bill as a replacement for The Keep, but now they're BOTH playing. Confused? Don't be. Confirmed 100 per cent are Taint - representing Swansea from Cardiff, London and Birmingham - one of the kickassest bands to come out of South Wales. No, the UK. No, the universe. Their debut album proper, 'The Ruin Of Nova Roma' (Rise Above) shows you how they rock. But you have it already. Don't you? Latecomers can check a track right here.

Opening the whole gut-worrying thing are The Keep, who, if you're into such crass descriptive fun, could be compared to Isis discovering they really rather liked crust-punk doom and righteous polemic. Find the aural answers to the question 'What Do You Throw A Drowning Preacher?', a track off their demo of this very year of our Lord, 2006.

The business end of all this is: this Wednesday (October 25th); Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff; 8pm and five pounds of your hard earned. First band on around 8.20pm. so for that, and for reasons of guaranteeing entry to Buffalo's intimate surroundings, be early, okay?


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