dea Lesson No.1: JUNGLISM

Tuesday, October 3


If y'all aren't off rambling up mountains, getting so drunk all your friends think you're a total wanker, or boiling children - or whatever it is YOU do for kicks on days-what-don't-have-a-Lesson-No.1-show - then this Saturday (October 7th) is the second Bashout at the Black Swan in Bristol. Lesson No.1 are lending a hand and Luke Vibert is headlining, donning his Amen Andrews and Spac Hand Luke guises. What could be better?

More at the Bashout website or else check these here flyers that would've broken this blog with obscene wideness had we posted them direct: FRONT or the more informative BACK.

Oh and buy tickets or else don't say we didn't warn you - the last Bashout was crazy busy...


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