dea Lesson No.1: SAFETY OF OBJECTS

Sunday, January 27


So, when there's two Lesson No.1 gigs within a fortnight of each other, it's hard to find the chance to update this damn site at optimum time. But here were are anyway, a little late, simmering down from The Mae Shi's excitable and exciting January cobweb blowing and preparing for something entirely different to begin February (Friday February 1 to be exact) with a unique muted bang...

Anni Rossi, with origins in LA and Chicago, is in her early 20s and a classically trained violinist who does not play classical music, or the violin. It's a viola and she uses it to deadly effect in her minimal, giddy folk songs that fans of Joanna Newsom, Faun Fables, Björk or Nico might well be into. She played in O'Neill's in Cardiff in the summer and was great (the attendance slightly less so, but then greatness has always endured a slightly inverse relationship with popularity). Records out on the Sound Virus label (which has released stuff by The Blood Brothers, Pretty Girls Make Graves, !!! and other bands who are nothing like Anni Rossi) and, right about now, a seven-inch, 'Wheelpusher', on Too Pure Records, home to Future Of The Left et al. Buy that or, for the financially challenged, check four bits of tuneage.

Rollin Hunt is Anni Rossi's boyfriend, so they've gone on tour together. There's lovely. He creates very fragile, awe-filled music derived from folk, gospel and 60s girl group type stuff. If you like Daniel Johnston, Jandek, Lou Barlow or The For Carnation you will be in a good place here. Get the aural goods this-a-way.

Completing the quiet splendour are Silver Spurs, Cardiff's number one for back-porch rockin' hoedown country melancholy fired off like we were in the Depression (and, hey, who's to say by the end of the decade/year/week we won't be once more). Members of The Gentle Good and Zumbar involved, which should serve as some mark of decentness, right? Point your computer cursor moving thing round about here for songs.

Blurb-info-burst: this is at Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff, from 7.30pm-10.30pm (an early start and finish for all your clubbing needs) and will set you back no more than £5 on the door.

Oh and a quick thanks to the rather talented Ruth who did the poster (above) for this. She's probably not available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and christenings, but does do a very neat line in graphic design. Hit up ruthclucas [at] for your posters needs, innit.


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