Wednesday, August 29


Back from a break over the season formerly known as summer, the first Lesson No.1 action of the autumn sees an endorsement for a lesser known love of ours: punk fucking rock. So without further ado, here's what to expect from your dollars on Thursday September 20 (in association with the fine people of the Dead Souls Collective)...

Toronto quintet Brutal Knights dish out raging garage punk mayhem with frequently hilarious lyrical content. Responsible for a clutch of seven-inches and two albums on the Deranged label (Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Tranzmitors, etc), this is their first UK tour. Ex-members of Teen Crud Combo and Hacksaw; for fans of New Bomb Turks, Dwarves, Angry Samoans, etc. The singer is also a stand-up comedian in his spare time! Versatile. Tunes? Yessiree.

It would also be wholly irresponsible not to pass on the lyrics to the Brutal Knights song which, metaphorically, tipped the balance on this show happening:

Too many pixie haircuts
Too many hot, shitty girlfriends
I have had both these things
Except for pixie haircuts
Your haircut is a joke
The punchline is you're balding
Shave your head
Become skinhead
Or you I'll be insulting
Fake youth, I break tooth
Your manhood: I want proof
Fake youth, break tooth
You can't handle the truth
You have the face of failed wizard
And the body of a forest nymph
You have zits; you're forty one
Shoot yourself in the face with a gun
Your haircut is a joke
The punchline is you're balding
Shave your head
Become skinhead
Or you I'll be insulting
Fake youth
Your haircut
Fake youth

BK also list their influences as (deep breath): fear (not that band), the need to feel accepted, food, our parents, men hugging, asses, peer pressure, music scenes, people making scenes, jews, rap and metal (seriously), sexuality, Steve Bennett, the power of suggestion, Starbucks, the Christmas spirit, gay bands from around the world".


Lovvers hail from Nottingham and are one of a number of bands to form from the splintered membership of The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg. Lovvers have released two seven-inch singles on the Jonson Family label, both of which have expressed a love for lurching garage rock and the pre-Pearl Jam grunge scene, among a bigger bag of influences. They also have a fearsome reputation for bringing it live in messy fashion. Get lovving.

To quote A Kid Called Power "Influences: Dead Kennedys, TSOL, Bad Brains, Fugazi, Husker Du, Gorilla Biscuits, Lifetime. Sounds Like: a mess.” We'll drink to that. Ex-Four Leter Word among other tings. Don’t miss this once-an-aeon opportunity!

Last but not least, to mine the phrase cliche book, are Capital. This is gonna be the debut show for these guys, who feature ex-State Run and current Savage Henry personnel and promise something located in the disputed territory of Moss Icon, Fugazi and Sonic Youth. The name is probably to be changed at some point, as there's a band on Revelation with the same moniker, but forget about them for now. No online presence yet to our knowledge, but it's ex-State Run. So, erm, come on!

The small print: venue = Le Pub, Caxton Place, Newport; doors = 8pm; admission = £5.

And while we're here, check out the upcoming shows top left of this very page for details of the return of DJ Scotch Egg (as part of Huw Stephens' rather awesome looking Sŵn festival) and, later in the year, Qui, who - for those wondering - are the smart new vehicle of David Yow from The Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid! Legendary business.

***UPDATE: A Kid Called Power have had to pull out of the Brutal Knights gig at short notice due to work commitments or something. Lt Meat is hopefully replacing them.***


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