Saturday, November 17


So, Sŵn was great, been and gone. Big thanks to all involved in our contribution, especially the quite awesome White Mice, who blew the whiskers off all watching with a last-minute special guest set.

But the rock doesn't, ahem, stop round Lesson No.1's metaphorical gaff. And this coming Friday (November 23) we've got a messy proposition that will cost you a grand total of £0.00. Yes, stoopid, that's FREE.

Chops are from Leeds and play intensely rhythmic post-everything music on guitar, bass, drums, keys, sax, a tone generator and, unless they are lying, a human skeleton. They do it on the dancefloor directly through their amps because they long to be close to you. They have a demo out at the moment and a 12” on the Upset The Rhythm label this autumn. Choppy tunes this way. Oh and that's their odd, quite dizzying head logo thing spinning up above until the poster for this show gets resized, incidentally...

Also from Leeds, touring partners Cowtown are 1000 per cent funtimes DIY punk/no wave/pop, with records on the Golden Lab and (shortly) Chinchilla-Tone labels. “A sound that touches upon Devo, The Beatles, Deerhoof and Link Wray” is what the marketing department at the label say. They are dedicated to making you dance. Learn more in the form of music here.

This will be, as things stand, the second gig for Newport’s Brainpipe, who are the latest mutation of the Meltmen and Punk Action Shotgun (which means they feature one-man surf bandit Lt Meat). It’s gonna be another Texan-flavoured punk juggernaut, which, as anybody who caught their fancy dress tag-team face-off with Space In The 50s in Cardiff recently will attest, is definitely an enjoyable thing. Check the Meltmen MySpace for a ballpark idea. This is a different band though.

In the spirit of White Mice, Puttin' On The Ritz are a late addition to the bill. They're two fellows from New York who have also played in bands like Storm & Stress, Talibam!, Coptic Light, Get The People and more. Also, trivia fans, one of them works on The Daily Show. The Village Voice says: “Started in a drunken haze at a friend's party in '04, the band is the creation of drummer Kevin Shea and singer B.J. Rubin, punk fans who happen to love the standards (Shea even studied jazz at one point). Though Rubin hilariously howls through ballads like ‘The Rainbow Connection’, ‘My Funny Valentine’, and ‘The Girl from Ipanema’, he insists that POTR are sincere: ‘While most bands who do these songs sound dead, we try to explore it more and be off-the-cuff.’.” Songs you say? Yessir.

In summary, this is from 8pm at Le Pub, Clarence Place, Newport and it's motherflucking FREE. Excuses? You have none.

Also coming to ears near you SOON: this coming Wednesday night/early hours of Thursday is scheduled, terrifyingly for all involved, to see the radio debut of the two-headed foolfest that is Lesson No.1. It's for Bethan Elfyn's brand new Introducing... show on Radio 1. We'll be picking some records and talking, no doubt, some rambling crap sometime between midnight and 2am.

And lastly, having witnessed David Yow and his Qui troops in Bristol this week, let's just say next month at Clwb Ifor Bach promises to be something of a treat, possibly with jokes about welders and/or ice cream. So book some tickets why don'tcha?


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