dea Lesson No.1: NOVEMBER (B)RAIN

Thursday, November 16


THIS WEDNESDAY (November 22nd) brings that time again when the supposedly bi-monthly Lesson No.1 Pop Quiz grinds back into random action - blame the quite wonderful Baroness and Torche for disrupting normal service in October.

We got rather drunk at the last quiz. Won't you join us this time around for fun, frolicks, and mainly answering questions about musical subjects of OUR choosing to win great cash* prizes (*cash = unspeakably good CDs and probably booze too). Then dance, drink and waste the night away watching the Lesson No.1 DJs remember how to use a cross-fader once more. FUN.

All the details are cunningly contained within the flyer above, but just in case of pictorial error: Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff; things kick off at a leisurely pace around 8pm and it'll cost you £1 per person to enter.

And, yeah, quit it already. Think of a better title for this post. Go on. Do it. Now. Put it in the comments below. And we hope there's more inspiration going round with your pop quiz answers.


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