dea Lesson No.1: SCOTCH CIRCUS

Friday, July 4


The curse of Lesson No.1 has struck our next gig, BUT the show goes on (on Sunday 13 July, this is). If we're not contributing to bands splitting by putting on shows on their final tours (Coughs, The Blood Brothers, Kid Commando, Les Georges Leningrad, Some Girls, Wives, etc) then they're cancelling on us. So it is with Philadelphia loons Clockcleaner, who have sadly pulled their entire UK tour. But as we proved last month when Pterodactyl canned their tour too only to be rendered unimportant by a brilliant, packed show from Truckers Of Husk, there's no need to panic. We have an extra treat instead, in the shape of the...

We put on DJ Scotch Egg a lot. But if you don’t have room in your life to see him do his thing at least twice a year then you’re probably some sort of hell damn international jetsetter or something? Well he’s back for the first time in 08 and this time his Gameboy-fuelled hyperspeed experimental rave mania is joined by an whole supporting cast: his Osaka Invasion. It features various friends from Osaka, Japan - some of whom we put on in 2006. They are, in no particular order, bonkers breakcore bods Ove-Naxx and Maruosa, plus ex-Zuinosin nutballs Bogulta, and they'll be teaming up for some sort of mental breakin' rinseout. Alright! It’s Sunday. Live a little. Before that, get Egged up with a few tracks from Scotch Egg himself.

You probably know The Death Of Her Money. You should really go and listen to them if you don’t. Even if you do know them you’re probably doing something right now that’s not as worthwhile as listening to them. Lesson No.1 have put them on a fair bit as well but they are one of our favourite bands to come out of South Wales in, well, certainly this millennium. They now have a proper album, ‘Spirit Of The Stairwell’ (Rat Patrol/Superfi) where their three-man tsunamis of sludgy, metallic nastiness and shoegazing-tinged whoosh are showcased in ace fashion. Don't believe us? Proof, yo.

Finally, replacing The Good Wife who sadly preempted Clockcleaner in pulling out, are Dethscalator. We were going to have these guys play last month but they, in turn, couldn't make it. They will be worth the wait though, no messing. They feature former members of messy jazz noiserockers Hunting Lodge and emo chaosmakers Narwhal, and create a lurching, thrilling racket that's pitched between post Sabbath/Electric Wizard doom and porky Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard/Unsane post-hardcore. Get excited over here.

The finer details, as ever: downstairs at Clwb Ifor Bach, Womanby Street, Cardiff; 7.30pm (get there early!), £5.50/£5 adv. Oh and the clued-up handful of you who bought tickets before Clockcleaner cancelled, you should have received refunds by now - venue policy to do it that way, but then the decision on whether to respend your cash is up to you. Can't say fairer than that.

Lastly, apologies to Ash for butchering his fine, fine poster somewhat to include the updated line-up. Our Photoshop skills are closer to a five-year-old boy with feet for hands, but there you have it...


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