dea Lesson No.1: GOOD FORMA

Thursday, September 15


You might have caught Pro Forma supporting Les Georges Leningrad in Cardiff Dempseys earlier on this year. The show was great, but we couldn't get the glitterball Gary uses for Twisted By Design to work, so when they asked if we could come back we thought we'd put them in somewhere a little more fitting of their 'council house' sound; that is, Material - a weekly mutant disco shindig that goes on over at Moloko on Mill Lane. Supporting are Bristol's Sexy Bitch, and best of all, it's FREE ENTRY. So whether you're just coming along to drink strong imported lager, or you're planning to rifle through Pro Forma guitarist Chris Leo's bag in search of some worn underpants, it's what we like to call 'the right price'.

Don't forget the USA show on Monday. It's going to be a biggie.

Buy Melt Banana tickets at the Clwb website, or from the good folk at Spillers


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