dea Lesson No.1: SCOTCH CHICKEN

Saturday, September 3


It is of crucial importance that you view the video to DJ Scotch Egg's Scotch Chicken. Our Scotchie tears up the lanes of Brighton, engages in Street Fighter-style combat with a man in a chicken suit, and finally triumphs over his avian foe with the help of a bunch of 14-year olds. If only The Chart Show was still running.

Last week's noise spectacular at the Full Moon in Bristol was an eye-opener. A bloke from up North calling himself The Bear Faced Boy covered the stage in blood and broken glass. Load Records dude Prurient stripped to the waist and thrashed around, screaming and swinging double microphones like nunchukas. A young woman called Jessica Rylan sung poems and triggered strange washes of sound from ann unruly laptop. Oh, and we chatted to Philip 'Consumer Electronics' Best, who appears to be a lovely gentleman; he gave us a copy of 'Teenage Nuremberg' (possibly the most horrible record ever) and emphasised just how much he was looking forward to the Cardiff show. You're in for a treat. Incidentally, the promoters Abrasive have more "very harsh" shows coming up - more at their website.

Other Lesson No.1 news: there's a free show towards the end of the month we've organised in collaboration with our friends from Moloko club night Material, featuring our friends from the North (er, Scotland actually) Pro Forma and new Bristol disco-punk types Sexy Bitch. Also, we've got a big November show in the offing... but until it's set in stone, we'll have to keep it under wraps. Sorry.


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Blogger The Lesson said...

Fine! Anything you need to know about DJ Scotch Egg, all you need to do is ask

11:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you the only people putting on good gigs in cardiff?

7:28 pm  
Blogger The Lesson said...

Yes! Er, OK, no - you might want to check out, who have some good stuff coming up. Or check, if the rock/hardcore thing is your bag. Plus there's a whole load of stuff coming up at the Buffalo Bar (formerly BSB). So things are looking up, really

4:52 pm  

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