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DJ Scotch Egg is awesome. He's a little Japanese guy who lives with Shitmat down in Brighton, and he makes fantastically horrible electronic noise on a Gameboy while shouting random stuff about KFC. Curious? Of course you are. So thank Lesson No.1, who here, presents to you the first in a series of short Q&A interviews. Prepare to be enlightened!

Lesson No.1: What was your first ever experience with a Scotch Egg?
Scotch Egg: My mum used to make the best scotch eggs in Japan. In Japan it is uncommon food, so I thank my mother for everything!
L1: What sort of headspace do you have to be in to make music?
SE: KFC brain simulation.
L1: Can you tell us more about your grindcore/breakcore supergroup with Bong-Ra and others?
SE: It’s gonna be cool! Bong-Ra invited me to collaborate, hopefully we start after September. Everyone living in different parts of the world so hard to organise.
L1: Our friend Dave says he met you at 5am at the Glade festival. He said "You're Scotch Egg" and you screamed really loudly and ran off. Do you remember this?
SE: No.
L1: What are your three favorite records of 2005?
SE: Horatio Pollard, Lightning Bolt, Noxagt.

Listen to DJ Scotch Egg live in Cardiff, courtesy of


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Blogger ilya said...

So no relation to that Scottish nutter Ege Bam Yasi (who is obssessed with eggs) then?

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