Monday, May 4


Afternoon. Believe it or not, Lesson No.1 are not the sole awesome gig putters-on in the fair city of Cardiff and the greater area of South Wales. And it's a pleasure to join up with one of a small handful of kindred spirits, Loose, for our next show this coming Thursday (May 7).

Experimental Dental School are a two-piece creating a cranky and rousing noise that sounds like it’s being made by more than two people. Hailing from Portland, something of an indie-rock haven, they make a complex yet accessible, sing-songy yet gnarly hoedown for fans of Deerhoof (who they’ve toured with), Melt-Banana (who they’re shortly to be on a split EP with), Les Savy Fav, Devo, Ex Models and the like. Releases on Cochon, Deleted Art, The Company With The Golden Arm. Normally at this point we point you MySpace-wards; well one up this time, because you can download the entire new EDS album right over here, you lucky, lucky people.

Riffmonster replace King Alexander, who have been sidelined with illness (hopefully not swine 'flu or whatever). This will be their first ever live performance. They are not monsters but they do have riffs. They play improvised rock music on guitar, bass and drums. They feature Sam from Zail, Mountain Men Anonymous and aka John Barnes, Andy from Derrero and Cymbient and Tom aka ZWolf. We are indebted to them for filling in at short notice. They are so new and spontaneous they don't have any online presence but feel free to look at the profile of a probably dreadful German band with the same name.

Pretty Girls complete the line-up, replacing Means Heinz, who have sadly flaked on this show. The band, as they say themselves, "consists of four leek eaters and a cockney who play dynamic punk, utilizing free improvisation, non-traditional usage of instruments and any other noise that can be harnessed through an exploration of our surroundings and the tools available to us. Two and a half drummers a bassist and a guitar, it's loud and has a good beat. Influences: Lightning Bolt, Boredoms, Polvo, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, Hoover, Unwound, 1.6 band, Melt-Banana, Fugazi, Pixies." Can't argue with that. This appears to be their first show, so fingers crossed all their chums turn up for the party! Thumbs up for stepping into the breach, have a wee listen.

The fine print, you ask? Sure: Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff, from 8pm, £5 on the door. And for anybody dashing down to Minehead the next day for All Tomorrow's Parties, what better way to kick off your weekend of drinking and indie-rock? None, that's right...


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