dea Lesson No.1: TERROR & DREAD

Wednesday, November 19


So our Sŵn show has come and gone (apart from Indian Jewelry, who failed to show; anybody who knows why, please get in touch, because we still are none the wiser!). But there's no let up, because this Friday (November 21) one of Lesson No.1's favourite bands return.

The mighty Racebannon are Bloomington, Indiana cult heroes back here for the second time, having played a mega dope set in June '06. Since then they’ve moved labels, from hometown imprint Secretly Canadian to Southern, who’ve just released their fourth studio album ‘Acid Or Blood’. It is a teethgrindingly intense assault on the senses through the mediums of noiserock, 90s screamo and hardcore. Don’t miss a thing. Go the usual MySpazz route or download the wonderfully-titled 'Sister Fucker' from 'Acid In Blood' in full.

Human Race are a new hardcore battering ram from South Wales, featuring members of other bands from round here who went out in a blaze of glory. Old dirty NYC hardcore style with low down metal guitars – get in. Debut cassette demo is out now on CCHC, which you can pick up at Cardiff's ever-great Damaged Records or download from their MySpace.

Brown Wings are a raw, cussing raucous duo of noise nomads based in Cardiff and Swansea. Honourable upholders of the aesthetic contained in many bands on the Load and Skin Graft labels over time. First show for Lesson No.1! Which makes it sound like getting a scout badge, or something like that you accomplish. Well. Get an earful here anyway.

So get yo' sweet Friday night asses down to Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff from 7.30pm. The damage? £5. The experience. Priceless. Or something...


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