dea Lesson No.1: PANTHER PARTY

Wednesday, June 4


It is, frankly, a minor miracle that this gig is happening in any form, after original headliners, New York rockers Pterodactyl, pulled their entire European tour and support band, Dethscalator, subsequently cancelled too. Perhaps it's because it's on FRIDAY THE 13TH of June? But the show must go on, as someone once said between mouthfuls of Brazilian rent boy. So...

Can fretboard-tapping math-rock with added cello bring the party to your Friday night? You bet your ass! This isn’t the first Lesson No.1 show for Truckers Of Husk, Cardiff faves since 2006 with a fresh debut EP on My Kung Fu Records, but it is their first one as headliners. Their ‘star’ is ‘rising’ at the moment – hell, they were on TV the other week! – and fans of Battles, Foals, Oxes and other good word-shunning dudes are likely to get their kicks here. And, beforehand, via the means of THE INTERNETSSS, right about here.

Stepping in at short notice(ish) are Il Goblini. If you are into your classic 70s horror movies, you will probably know Goblin, an Italian band who provided the soundtracks to Dawn Of The Dead, Suspiria, Profondo Rosso and a few others. They emerged from the prog rock movement, but turned themselves into something much more creepy and suspense-filled. Il Goblini are a Goblin tribute band from Bristol, who perform Goblin tracks plus selected songs from their contemporaries Fabio Frizzi and Libra. What an awesome idea! This might be your only chance to hear these songs done live, you know. No tunes online yet, but get searching on YouTube for a few choice live videos, like this one.

Fringes deal in forceful yet right pretty rock jazzing from Bristol SUPERgroup. Pretty much brand new but with 165 years of experience in total (we added it up*) with ex and current members from The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg, Scarecrows, Movietone, Soeza, Line, Headfall, and more! You'll be wanting a taster and this 'ere link will be only too happy to oblige.

(*this is a lie)

The nuts and bolts: this is all happening at Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff, from 7.30pm, and it's a princely £5 on the door. Assuming nothing else Friday the 13th-level goes down in the meantime.

Lastly, thanks again to Ruth who did the smart poster. Go check more of her work at UWIC's end of year exhibition thingy at Howard Gardens then hit her up at ruthclucas [at] and give a poor student some artistic work, m'kay?


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