Wednesday, April 7


Welcome back to what seems to have become, by accident rather than design, the monthly blast of GOOD SOUNDS in the form of a Lesson No.1 gig.

Our Miss April on the calendar of rock - on Wednesday 14 April to be precise - is representing on a local tip. And if cheap sweaty fun is what you're looking for, then this little beauty works out at £1.33 recurring per band. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

Facel Vega are in essence a South Wales band, originating in Porthcawl from the remains of the shortlived but sweet State Run, but are part-resident in Leeds at the moment, so don’t get to come together too often. Word is there may not be too many repeats in the future, either, although don't quote us on that. This makes attending this gig all the more imperative. They are an intelligent and exciting combo of Revolution Summer emo, later stuff of the sort that Ebullition Records released, and some twisty noisy, uh, alt-rock type stuff. You can hear them here, which also contains a link to their label store, where you can buy their split LP with Harbour and their split 7” with the following band...

The Sceptres are, conversely, not a local Band, but they do have a singer from South Wales. They are based loosely in the south-east of England and feature members of The Shitty Limits, who as you probably know are the tits. On their releases to date – the Facel Vega split mentioned above, plus two singles on their own label Dire – they retain some of that stripped-down garage punk fire, but take more influence from the Dangerhouse Records roster of the late 70s, and UK bands of the same time (vocals are very X-Ray Spex, which is certainly A Good Thing). Listen for yourself.

Evariste Galois are a pretty new band from Cardiff who, keeping with the theme here, have a split EP with Saturday's Kids out about now. Their ‘thing’ is scrappy 90s indie-punk and hook-filled college-rock: “Jawbreaker, Garden Variety, Archers Of Loaf, Superchunk, Buffalo Tom etc” they say here, which also provides aural pleasures to back up all of that.

All of this is going down at Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff, 7.30-10.30pm, £4 on the door. It's a fairly early curfew so get down asap. And feel free to update Lesson No.1's hapless perpetrators on the Tottenham v Arsenal match, which we're missing FOR YOUR PLEASURE.

Oh and while we're here, we don't often sell tickets in advance, but that's exactly what's happening for our May show with the unreasonably ace Ted Leo And The Pharmacists. Sold a decent amount so far, so for guaranteed entry wander this way. WeGotTickets are having a booking fee free day to celebrate their birthday on Monday 19 April, incidentally, which gives a certain incentive to get buying pronto, y'all.

While we're here snippet #2: this isn't a Lesson No.1 show but recommended watching from two under-appreciated bands later in the week:


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