dea Lesson No.1: NARC PARTY

Tuesday, November 3


The last Lesson No.1 show of the decade? What, already? Yep indeed. So bravely follow us in a last stand before the, err, teenties, with a squall of rock-based action this coming Sunday (8 November).

Foot Village are Californian crazies who will kiss, then melt, your face with their drums-and-voice tribal punk beatdowns. Ex-Gang Wizard and Friends Forever; releases on Too Pure, Not Not Fun, Upset The Rhythm and some others. A product of the same excitable young-people-in-LA scene (centered round punk venue The Smell) as No Age, Abe Vigoda, The Mae Shi, etc. They get highly nude for some of their record sleeves and while we don’t promise this will happen at Buffalo, photos/footage of live shows back home look frickin’ wild (and the whole jaunt is called the Anti-Magic/Pro-Creation tour). Listening is advised too, so go here.

King Alexander are Cardiff favourites dealing in tangy angular punk rock funfunfun. They haven’t played enough this year. We are pleased to be a cog in the slight changing of this. Buy their records at the link on their name above or have a preview.

Joy Of Sex do Young Marble Giants-esque post-punk with riot grrrl and garage stirred in. Stand-up percussion, love und romance, rhythms that might be called ‘skeletal’. Righteous! It's their first time playing for Lesson No.1. Go cop an earful of, um, sex.

All of this, and maybe more, at Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff; 7.30pm doors, £5 on the door. Thanking you.


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