dea Lesson No.1: DIE TONIGHT

Sunday, June 24


Do you like doom? Or volume? Or girls? Or girls from France? Or any combination of the above? Then, brother, has Lesson No.1 got THE show for you in a little over two weeks, Monday 9 July to be precise...

Monarch are two men and two ladies presenting utterances of incredibly downtuned sludged-out extreme doom. From France. Who knew that such beautiful ugliness lay within? Anyone who’s picked up their releases on labels like Throne, Crucial Blast, Shifty, Youth Attack or Rise Above (a Turbonegro cover single!) for starters. If you like Burning Witch, Khanate, Corrupted, Melvins et al, miss this and die! In the meantime, taste the doom...

The Death Of Her Money are a gentlemanly trio of earthmoving heaviness from South Wales. You may already know them. Loved by everyone from the smallest baby to the snootiest butler, they will shortly have an album, ‘Spirit Of The Staircase’, out on the fine SuperFi label, that will no doubt showcase their heavy-riffin’, shoegaze inflected power all over again. Get in t'Money.

Short shocks of dirty rolling grind-crushed hardcore from Coventry, Castor Troy recently released their debut EP on UK label Calculon. They rock fast and they rock slow. They are also the tour support for this jaunt. Tracks and self-deprecation here.

Low-profile, high-volume Bristol instrument manglers Tractor deal out unfriendly, 80s-ish sludge. Like Swans? Unsane? Melvins? The Jesus Lizard? It’s your lucky day, bucko. Ride the Tractor.

Details? What? Ah, simple: Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff, kicking off from 8pm, costing a whole £5 on the door. Just do(om) it.



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