dea Lesson No.1: STABBED IN THE FACE

Wednesday, March 28


Much as it always seems a touch smug when promoters thank everyone who came to a gig in some kind of self-serving DIDN'T WE DO WELL? dickery, nice work all who packed out Grabba Grabba Tape, who in turn entertained (and semi-stole from the bar) like all good multi-coloured Spanish folk should.

Things take a turn for the more serious and noisy in three weeks (Thursday 19 April), however: Wolf Eyes.

Wolf Eyes are rusty metal noise warrior heroes from Michigan, USA. They've racked up around one million releases [figure based on guess work] on Sub Pop, Troubleman, Important, Hospital and one thousand others [figure closer to fact]. They now feature Mike Connelly of Hair Police and this, friends and foes, is their first ever Welsh show. Get your face lifted off with songs right about here.

Consumer Electronics is the sometime solo project of Philip Best of Whitehouse (who have a new album in May, sick kids). We put on Consumer Electronics in autumn 2005 and it was cracking, so assume this will be as well. One laptop and a microphone meets rage, malevolence and frequencies that will kill you. There's some Whitehouse action here to get you in the mood - we can't rule out the possibility you'll get some of these numbers too.

Insanely, this is the first ever Welsh show also for Somatic Responses, who come from Ammanford and have almost as many releases as Wolf Eyes. Since the early 90s labels like Hymen, Praxis, Drop Bass Network and Six Shooter have documented the duo’s mashups of hard acid, breakcore, noise, electro and kitchen sinks. Dark, twisted and shortly to be in your face. Pre-gig sampling treats over here and they're also on the omnipresent MySpace.

Trawsfynydd Lo-Fi Liberation Front continues the rare show theme – possibly his second ever in fact – from a seldom-seen-these-days troublemaker of over a decade’s standing in Welsh-language music. More specifically, it's the noisy breakcore/digital hardcore project of Mr Steffan Cravos (Tystion, etc) - and, we hear, a special guest for this gig - with Kid606 and Shitmat among stated influences. Product on Fitamin Un, R-Bennig and High Quality. Tunes over this way.

The route to all this decibel-heavy madness? Downstairs at Clwb Ifor Bach, Womanby Street, Cardiff from 8pm, and tickets, which you can buy here, are £6.50 (this show is, incidentally, in association with the guys from Forecast).


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