dea Lesson No.1: TURNING IT DOWN SINCE 2001 (UPDATE #2)

Thursday, August 24


Autumn is shaping up to be VERY HEAVY - and we aren't just talking in new-fangled street slang terms, bruv - if you should choose to spend it with Lesson No.1. The double-headed sludge battering ram of Baroness and Torche are coming in October (more details on them soon), but for now feast your eyes on this little mass of rocking fun, on Monday September 25, with a little help from those musical fellas at Forecast.

Norway's Noxagt make a welcome return for their third appearance in Cardiff (but the first in three years). This time around the critically bummed power trio, pronounced Nox-att, are touting their new self-titled record, released by Load Records of Lightning Bolt-and-many-many-more fame. Moving away from their freaky, viola-employing dirge noize and into the stripped-down realms of a ton of 90s post-hardcore bands, you might think of Unsane, 16, Oxbow, Breadwinner and maybe a more direct version of recent bands like Pelican (Noxagt are also instrumental, you see). This may sound like a step backwards but it ain’t. It rocks so hard bits of you might fall off. Listen to them, thanks to a hawkish Aussie business tycoon, here.

Truckers Of Husk feature former and current members of Jarcrew, Future Of The Left, Mountain Men Anonymous (and, therefore - gasp - Lesson No.1) and S.K.W.A.D., and play dosed-up and dizzying prog jams. Two drumkits are given an angry beating and fretboards get tapped more than Richard Nixon’s enemies’ phones. It rocks in a way that recalls 70s prog heroes like King Crimson and the math bastards of 90s USA.

This is only the fourth or fifth gig for Cardiff dudes Zumbar, but they have a lot of lovers and admirers already. Blissful, yet heavy, stoner rock that gives it up for Sabbath, Pentagram (who they cover) and many more big dogs of 70s war. They don’t have anything to listen to yet, but should pretty soon.

Circa Regna Tonat are confirmed as the opening band, hot off the presses, replacing Thread, who had to cancel.

Clwb Ifor Bach is your destination for a night of volume to make you wish you hadn't forgotten your frickin' earplugs, all for the thoroughly reasonable price of £5 in advance. Tickets should be up soon on the Clwb website and maybe some other places should we sort our shit out.


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