Saturday, May 27


As many punters and probably more irked soundmen still will attest, us Lesson No.1 folks like to pack our bills with enough bands to give that hallowed value for money. Which brings us to this little beauty of a monster bill next week.

Vialka are a totally killer and 1000% DIY duo from France mathing up punk rock and Eastern European folk. F'real! Imagine a cross between The Ex, Minutemen, and the end of level music from Tetris. You may have seen them in Le Pub last March. has all sorts of info and sounds – in the .ogg format. A prize for anybody who can tell us what that's all about (the prize is getting to hear Vialka).

Art Of Burning Water are an awesome bunch of metallic boffins from London town who also played here last spring – in Dempseys as part of their tour with Taint. They're heavy as hell yet intricate, and warrant the comparisons to Mastodon that often crop up in conjunction with their name. They have an album called ‘The Voyage Of The Pessimistic Philosoph: An Ode To Believers Of The Prevailing Law Of Sod’ out now, and they also provided us with the awesomely be-cocked poster above (a slightly more family-friendly version sporting an unfortunate man with a knife in his chest is around Cardiff NOW).

South Wales space sludge superstars The Death Of Her Money smack you up with savage serrated songcraft. By the time this rolls around there should be a 7” on Rat Patrol to help you learn more. Sweet. Playing here as part of a few dates with AOBW and a whole UK tour with Flatlands, who you can read more about below.

FTSE100 might just be the hottest purveyors of dizzying metallic math-rock to come out of Cardiff, and there’s some competition right there. They've been playing around the UK on and off, inviting mentions of bands like Don Caballero, King Crimson (ouch), and US Maple. They are now fully located in Cardiff and will probably be a duo for this gig.

Touring with TDOHM around this time, Flatlands come from Sheffield and tout a whacked-out doomy ambience that would in no way disgrace early Isis. They played in Le Pub last month and with that in mind, it felt good to cram them onto this already heaving bill. This does however mean their set will be short’n’early. So get in early. Especially if you're short. Split 12” out NOW on Superfi!

Most remarkable of the lot, it's only £5. That's £1 per band. That, as the kids like to abbreviate it, is MF VFM.


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to gt .ogg to play with windows media go here:
it worth hearing vialka... - T

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