dea Lesson No.1: IN AT THE DEEP END

Sunday, April 30


‘Head For The Shallow’, the debut album by Seattle’s Big Business, was the favourite album of 2005 by one of the Lesson No.1 party (the one writing this). It was also the most slept on. It was released on the Hydra Head label (Pelican, Isis, Jesu etc etc), which can never hurt when it comes to getting a band some initial attention, and the pair – bassist Jared Warren, ex of Karp, and Coady Willis, formerly of the Murder City Devils – have in the last 12 months become the touring rhythm section of the Melvins. All namedropping, all good. But it doesn’t start to talk about how FUCKING hard they rock.

‘O.G.’, the first track on ‘Head For The Shallow’, starts off with 35 seconds of Morricone-d Western atmos on the down low and then explodes. Shrapnel everywhere and Motorhead facing off against Lightning Bolt in the middle. Awesome. ‘Easter Romantic’ is the album’s highlight, and sounds like this: A good hunt around has yielded precisely no bad reports of Big Business’ live show. Mammoth volume in small space; air turning to jelly around you.

Further fun to be had on the evening of Monday 15 May goes like this: Creepy Morons, who are the tour support for Big Business; also a duo, they used to be in The Beat Up (nee the Beatings) from old London town. They may not sound wildly similar to the headliners, being more in the vein of Pavement or The Jesus and Mary Chain, but have a similar approach to amplification - specifically, oppressive levels at all times. tells you more.

Zonderhoof are a Cardiff band playing their debut show. They sent us a demo, claiming to be an Eastern European metal band relocated to South Wales. The story proved to be untrue; the demo was badass, with Keelhaul, Pelican and the Melvins recalled most prominently in three tracks of 100% instrumental riff worship. Hear what we hear here: Finally, Zuma, who are almost as new – this will be their third gig – take things back to 1971 with some Black Sabbath / Pentagram (who they cover) / assorted other bellbottomed rock monsters styling. Can’t wait.


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