dea Lesson No.1: A CAR IS A WEAPON

Wednesday, November 23


Neptune at Chapter Arts Centre, November 20th, shot by the good folk of Bologna Pony/Souvaris. Thanks too to The Voices, and Neptune themselves, who had amusing stories about shooting junk with Will Self and some of the most mouth-watering merch (home-shattered CD cases, vinyl sleeves covered with polaroids and watercolour artwork secured in place with masking tape) that you ever saw.

But enough of such metal-fused fripperies! In the Lesson No.1 universe, time moves inexorably on, and tonight - TONIGHT - is the debut excursion of our 'alternative' pop quiz. Hosted by Gindrinker's DC Gates, it's approximately 50 questions long, boasts a 'Seven Deadly Sins' round, features topics about AIDS and child molestation, and will culminate with a banging DJ set by Ian from Death Of Her Money. Not much like that quiz they have in the Pen and Wig, then. It's £1 a head with maximum teams of 6, and the prize is a big pile of random punk/hardcore/noise CDs, a Queens Of The Stone Age DVD, a bottle of spirits, and probably some other stuff too. The place is Buffalo on Windsor Place, doors open at 8pm, and the quiz kicks off at 9pm. Come down! It'll be, as they say in the pub quiz trade, 'a laugh'


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