dea Lesson No.1: GRABBA GRABBA HEY

Saturday, April 16


This is Grabba Grabba Tape. Two Madrid-born man-things with white bouffant fur and spraycan-pink flesh, they only escaped the silky confines of their cocoon last year, but have already built up a modest international reputation off a handful of limited edition, fur-lined CD-Rs and a fruitful overseas relationship with Leeds-based noiseniks That Fucking Tank (there's a split 7" with them available on the forthcoming tour). Live, they harness keyboard, drums and vocoder to batter out a typhoon of analogue-electric noise comparable to Load Records spazzers Neon Hunk, The Residents, or Daft Punk turned daft punks. They do a Minor Threat cover too. See more photos of these crazy guys! Oh, and go visit the home of their Madrid-based label, Gssh! Gssh! while you're at it: the coolest thing to happen in Spain since those festivals where they let angry bulls out into the streets to run like fuck and maul unsuspecting tourists.

Anyway: "LESSON NUMBER ONE where can we see this ker-azee band?" Well, they're playing with the aformentioned Tank and the mighty Gindrinker at Newport's Le Pub on Saturday April 23rd, and pikeys rejoice! It's a free show. (Incidentally, maybe you've seen the flyers that Gates from Gindrinker made to advertise this show? They feature a beaming Frank Butcher, naked apart from a revolving bow-tie. Bit of class, that).


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