dea Lesson No.1: RETURN OF THE SHIT

Sunday, December 12


OK, so Shitmat takes place in Cardiff's Toucan Club this Tuesday. Sadly Bristol's Parasite now won't be joining us but we're trying to sort out a replacement so bear with us on that one. It'll be great, anyway, and bring down a spare 3 quid if you can, because we'll have some copies of the new Plan B (featuring interviews with LCD Soundsystem, Kano, The Ex, and John Peel, and that's just for starters) for sale. There's a review of Lesson No.1's Zu show over there too.

Oh, and if you're on a junglist/dubstep tip, you might like to know there's some fine MP3s up for download over at Gutterbreakz. Our pleasure.


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