dea Lesson No.1: WALL OF SOUND

Sunday, November 28


Some great things online right now: dj /rupture's post-election special, courtesy of Musical Bear; the video to 'Jack The Ripper Lover' by sodomy-obsessed Swedish sociopaths Brainbombs, courtesy of Load Records; the wall of sound done the Sunn0)) way, over at Stephen O'Malley's Ideologic (click on 'Words'); and Mark Pilkington's obit of Coil's Jhon Balance over at Plan B.

Week of gigs pending, too: Dillinger Escape Plan and Ephel Duath on Monday, Selfish Cunt and the Martini Henry Rifles on Tuesday, Lightning Bolt and Mountain Men Anonymous in Bristol on Wednesday... and the Nightmare Before Christmas down at Camber Sands at the weekend. Very probably some photos of at least some of that lot to go up in the weeks to come.


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