dea Lesson No.1: CHEEKY ANTA

Friday, May 6


Alright! This blog has been dormant since March, on account of Adam - half of Lesson No.1, and the half which took responsibility for the blog's upkeep - moving abroad. Also I (Noel, the other half) was too lazy to get on the case, even though I could have done. Anyway, we have a bunch of gigs booked from now until September (as it stands at the start of May) so I'll try and get this going a bit more, hopefully. We are on Facebook as well, but not everyone is, so yeah.

This is the next Lesson No.1 gig, and it takes place next Monday, May 9. Rhys, who plays in the band PUS, is responsible for much of the booking, and all of the poster designing. Damn he's good. Below you will find descriptions of all three bands on the bill, I hope they will whet your whistle.

...Multi-discipline Bristol underground scene dudes (members of – and this won’t cover it by a long chalk – GONGA, GEISHA, ROSE KEMP’s band and BOXCAR ALDOUS HUXLEY), together as a settled quartet since 2009, play proper cosmic and totally unashamed prog rock with lots of synths and no singing. They have an album on the new DIOGENES label, a spinoff of Geoff Barrow’s INVADA, called ‘The Tree That Bears The Equine Fruit’. You might well like it if you like KING CRIMSON, ANCESTORS (the Tee Pee ones), ASTRA (the Rise Above ones), TANGERINE DREAM or the last two COMETS ON FIRE albums. See'n'hear here

Is this the first show of 2011 for these scattered-around-South Wales doom dealing dudes? If it isn’t I will look stupid and/or forgetful. Pus are a quartet who play blackened crusty sludge metal with everything in the red. They have a demo called ‘Colin’, which you can probably still buy, and are recommended to fans of EYEHATEGOD, ELECTRIC WIZARD, WINTER, UNEARTHLY TRANCE etc. I give you sound.

Big riffs bustin’ out of Orange amps from this band, who are again from a variety of locations in South Wales, and are still only a handful of gigs old. Thorun have a debut EP available to download free here - if you like KYUSS, SLEEP, KARMA TO BURN, SPIRIT CARAVAN and of course SABBATH you will be on pretty solid ground here.

So there you go. Doors at 8pm, all done by 11, £4 on the door. Bosh.


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