dea Lesson No.1: THE LOVVERS

Saturday, January 21


Supporting Whitehouse at February 19th's Lesson No.1 noise extravaganza is Canada's AIDS Wolf. We cold-called Wolf vocalist Chloe Lum while staring really hard at the picture above and breaking a light sweat.

LESSON NO.1: What do you say to people who’ve dismissed you out of hand because of the name AIDS Wolf? Do you take pleasure in shocking the prudish? And have you ever had any complaints from AIDS sufferers or their families?

Some people have gotten their panties in a bunch because of the AIDS part, others make banal lists and comments about bands having "wolf" as part of their names. We don't really heed either as you will always have people looking for a reason to be offended so they can claim moral superiority and other pointing out the obvious in a weak attempt at wit.

We did not come up with the "AIDS wolf" as a concept, the idea has been floating around in the public psyche for a while. In urban legends where wolves transmit AIDS instead of rabies, in depressing college towns where street gangs spray-paint "AIDS wolf" on the side of buildings. We heard these legends and saw these building at a time. we were looking to form a new band. The two words together sound brutal, but absurd. And once you really think about it, the image is too silly to be a real threat. Our sound is that of buzzsaws but we are nerdy and excitable folks who like comic books more than parties. We are lovvers. We don't need to shock the prudish, they shock themselves with their closed minds and uptightness. Shock someone and wake them up, expose them to something new and add some excitement in their lives. So far, no complaints from AIDS suffers or their families. Everyone gets sick, everyone will die. This shit should not be taboo, AIDS should not be taboo.”

What are AIDS Wolf’s major aims?

Our aim is to simply play the music we'd want to listen too and stay honest to ourselves, each other and our aesthetic vision. Our band exists as a creative outlet for the four of us. We try to make some majik and conjure spirits. We research tones that hypnotize. We are grateful that we are finding a receptive bunch of folks whom we can share our music and art with. Hail Mclean.

In certain press photos you’re all pictured minus various crucial items of clothing, or in some cases, all clothing full stop. Are you naturists, or just comfortable with your bodies? And are these photos trying to make any particular statement?

Free bodies = free minds = free music = free love. Freedom summer. We are animals.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
To clean up the food production. No more GMOs, hormones or pesticides. No more chemicals use in food prep. No more factory farming and no more farmers and labourers getting paid SHIT or working in unsafe conditions. Have all foods be clean, safe, healthy, tasty, FAIR and environmentally sustainable. It would be great to see governments subsidising ORGANIC farming instead of paying farmers to not produce.

Final question: sum up AIDS Wolf in five words.

Life force warriors, deluxe edition.


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I am liking the sound of this. What an arse that I'm not around on Sunday night to witness the mayhem.

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