dea Lesson No.1: YEEHAW

Tuesday, August 9


Trust us, O children, when Lesson No.1 tells you that The USAISAMONSTER are one of the finest groups who presently roam our fragile Planet Earth. Way back in the dry-icy mists of time, when the name Lesson No.1 was nothing more than a Glenn Branca song title and we still had some money in the bank, we put on USA in Newport’s Le Pub. A towering, dreadlocked stoner dude and a gangly Garth-from-Wayne’s World lookalike with an unexpected passion for Dizzee Rascal, this Brooklyn duo rocked us to the core with a nutso blend of Native American philosophy, hit-that-bong spazz-rock, and a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Freebird’ generously played on request. Now they return with a new 75-minute LP, ‘Wohaw’, forthcoming on Load Records – the label that brought you Lightning Bolt, Noxagt, and all those other great Load bands we keep on banging on about while you just smile politely and nod – and they’re going to own your ecosystem. Totally.

Also on the bill: Oriental demi-legend DJ Scotch Egg - one-off man-mental of the Adaadat family, and unswerving supporter of fast-food nutrition, from his breadcrumb-coated namesake to the finger-lickin’ chicken of KFC. Scotch Egg writes all his music on a Gameboy and sings like a Kamikaze pilot crashing a Space Harrier full of screaming microchips of into Super Mario’s luxury yacht. We got his new album 'KFC Core' this morning and it made us want to cry with happiness.

Then there’s Consumer Electronics, aka Philip Best of UK noise progenitors Whitehouse: threatened with ice-picks in the USA back in the '80s for his music of questionable content, but welcomed with open arms here, where fucked-up shit is something of a speciality. Altogether now: "What's your favourite Google search?". Riotmen, who we haven't seen yet, but spout attractive things about Shellac, the Jesus Lizard, and rowdy play in general. And finally, our Cardiff friends Gindrinker: if Ballard and Bukowski were barmen, and couldn't play bass. And let’s not forget the drum machine. All just over a month away. MP3s coming soon.


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