dea Lesson No.1: YES! TINNITUS

Sunday, February 27


As you’re probably aware, the rock band popularly referred to as ‘Mclusky’ crumbled to dust earlier this year, much to the pain and sadness of anyone who appreciated acerbic satire, the Jesus Lizard, and songs called things like ‘Dave, Stop Killing Prostitutes’. This particular cloud, however, has two silver linings: the first is the promise of Falco and Jack’s new, as-yet-untitled project, who are looking forward to a cosy future at Mclusky’s previous home, Too Pure; and the second is the return of Jon Chapple’s fabled side-project, Shooting At Unarmed Men.

We at Lesson No.1 saw SAUM, many years ago, at a café called Ecocentrig down by Cardiff station: they were noisy and spazzy and despite being clearly half-formed (and us being clearly half-cut), pretty good fun. Can’t say for sure if this impression still stands: the full band line-up remains under a large, paint-smeared sheet, not yet ready for light of day. But Jon has agreed to open our show at Newport’s Le Pub on Wednesday March 16th with a short set of new songs played on voice and electric guitar. Estimated stage time: 8.30pm. Headlining will be Vialka, who you can read more about below.

We also asked Jon if we had a track we could upload to the site. He gave us a whole CD. To say it’s not quite Electrical Audio quality would be something of an understatement – it mostly appears to be captured on a ghetto blaster – but there’s definitely some gems beneath the hiss and fuzz: take ‘Inflight Instructions Are A Joke, Say I’, which rides out of an opening of mangled, DNA-style skronk on a peculiarly-angled guitar line, some gloriously spastic novice drumming, and a chorus that appears to go “She’s got you by the balls, she’s got you by the balls”. In our world, this is good news. Hopefully yours too.


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