dea Lesson No.1: MAKE YOUR OWN FUN

Monday, February 21


Vialka are modern-day nomads Erik Boros and Marylise Frecheville, a self-billed "gypsy-punk" duo presently resident in France. Taking up the playful anarchism and ethno-fusion of Dutch collective The Ex and transplanting it into a lean bass-and-drums shell, Boros and Frecheville pioneer a giddy whirl of stripped punk-rock, pantomime burlesque, and shattered avant-jazz that's reminiscent of present Load Records tourmates USA Is A Monster while very surely remaining its own thing. Hard touring is an intrinsic part of the Vialka ethos: part-conceived as a “social scientific experiment” aiming to span the word via underground rock channels, in the five years since their inception Vialka have visited over thirty countries, including recent tours of China and the former Yugoslavia. Interesting fact: Erik only owns one electrical item, a solar-powered short-wave radio. Hold on, what about his guitar? Maybe it runs off clockwork or something.

Vialka play Newport Le Pub with Shooting At Unarmed Men and Bristol's Big Joan (read about 'em in the new Loose Lips Sink Ships) on March 16th. You can hear ‘En Attendant Tout S’Evapore’, a track from their current 3” CD EP ‘Republic Of The Bored And Boring’ if you click here. If you like it, please buy a copy of the record when they swing through.


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